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Seal Scarers
Why - the cycle of Predation
What are the components?

Intelligent Predator Control System


The Ace Aquatec Universal Scrammer is a flexible seal deterrent / scarer which can be deployed in all situations when there is a need to modify the behaviour of marine mammals in general and seals in particular. 

click on the highlighted areas for more detail Control Box Trigger device monitors fish activity U/W Electronics Trigger device monitors fish activity Seal: predation cycle

  • Users in the off-shore industry wishing to clear an area of marine mammals can use it as an Acoustic Warning Device.
  • Fishermen at sea can protect their catch and reduce their by-catch by using the Universal Scrammer during hauling operations.
  • Fish farmers can permanently protect their stock from predator attacks by deploying the seal deterrent in Silent mode.

As a Timed Scrammer

  • The Universal Scrammer can be programmed to make a noise on a timed, rather than a responsive, basis. This is useful in situations where Trigger Devices are inappropriate such as when used as an acoustic warning device or during fishing operations. The scrammer can emit a 5 second burst of noise between 6 and 72 times per hour.

As a Silent Scrammer

  • The Universal Scrammer can be used with Trigger Devices to make it a Silent Deterrent. This is useful in fish farms where a permanent anti-predator system is required. The scrammer learns about your fish, builds up a picture of when and where predators are, assesses the threat and automatically takes action. After years of research the Universal Scrammer is now able to escalate its response to the severity of a current attack and predicts future attacks by taking pre-emptive action. In other words we get him coming and going.